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Batch Planning

Batch planning will simply change the way you think about meal prep.

We incorporate batch planning in our bundles as much as possible. It is such a great way to set yourself up to have cook free nights in the kitchen. It is perfect for busy families and not only gives you a satisfying sense of accomplishment, but you will discover the joy of cooking again. With nights off cooking and no more worrying about what to actually cook or dashing for the last minute takeaway during the week you will enjoy the time you do spend in the kitchen.


With batch planning you simply take one time during the month to prep for either the next two weeks or month. The time and money you save make meal planning and cooking seamless.

With This is My Kitchen’s Meal Plans you will be able to incorporate batch planning in dinner meals and baking with quick easy meals throughout the weeks, taking away the stress and giving you extra time to do the things you love.

Join to our members area and have access to our easy and delicious monthly meal plans for your family and say goodbye to thinking about what’s for dinner.

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