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How It Works

Can you imagine not having to think

what meals you will need for the week?


This is My Kitchen simply takes all the thinking and planning out of all your household meals while still giving you control over your product choices so can control your budget and save you hundreds of dollars on food.  

Choose Your Meal Plan


Use our monthly bundle to have all the thinking and planning taken out of your meals. Our monthly bundles include

  • 3 breakfasts per week

  • 5 lunch packs per week

  • Baking

  • 5 dinners

    You have the flexibility to choose, when you eat what, each week and include some of your favourite items on our easy to use lists.

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Save cash and shop the list. Print off your list or simply shop from your smartphone. A list is included for each week of the month and all your monthly food items will be included with quantities, so you are only buying what you need.

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Use our easy to follow, simple and delicious recipes. Pick your day and cook up a storm, of meals that will be on hand for more meals to come throughout the month. Batch cooking means you cook once for multiple meals. It's a great way to save time and be prepared for those busy nights of the week. Read more about Batch Planning and how it can change the way you think about meal prepping for good.


How do the Monthly Meal Bundles Work?

Monthly Meal Bundle

less than $2.50 per week

$9.95 charged monthly

Use our monthly meal bundles that include shopping lists and recipe cards to have all your Meal Planning for the month sorted, while still having the flexibility to pick and choose when to have each meal so it works with your schedule.

Our shopping lists are listed weekly with the first shop of the month the largest. Ingredients you buy in the first shop will be used throughout the month and possibly months to come.

How It Works

  • Access your months plan of meals and shopping lists

  • Check your pantry for any items you already have on the list. Cross off what you have already got and add any personal extras or favourites

  • Shop your list each week ONCE

  • Follow your planning guide and use our simple tasty recipes

  • Have a range of choices for each meal for you to fit into your week as it suits you

  • Enjoy being Organised for all your meals, Save by only buying what you need and Enjoy focusing on more important things  

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