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Hi I’m Gemma. Like you, I'm busy with life. Raising children, working part-time and trying to run a household. Add in after-school activities, weekends filled with sports and jobs around the house, and trying to sneak in some family time - the days and weeks can fly by.

I enjoy cooking but, overwhelmed by my 'to do' list, I often lacked the energy to think about dinners, lunches and snacks. Feeding a family everyday can be relentless so dashing to the supermarket for last-minute items and doubling-up was common.

Being left with unused food, and hundreds of extra dollars spent each month, was incredibly frustrating. My teacher planning skills eventually merged to the kitchen and I begin to form and create and plan a collection of easy family recipes and decided, even if it wasn't organic, home-cooked was the next best thing.

I began to shop with a whole new attitude to food and the way it was labelled, so I wasn’t spending more than necessary.

THIS IS MY KITCHEN is designed with three things in mind. Time and Money and Balance. You will find yourself with more of all of these, without having to sacrifice wholesome, home-cooked meals and snacks.

There is also times for those quick, easy ready made meals. I love the ideal of always feeding fresh and ideally organic food, but let's be honest, when you are running a busy household can be expensive and exhausting to hold high expectations all the time.

Here at THIS IS MY KITCHEN, we're all about taking that pressure off and enjoying your time in the kitchen. I hope you enjoy the website and for those who join us over in the members site, I can’t wait to help make your family planning so much easier.


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Join us at This is My Kitchen.

We are passionate about setting you up to be fully in control of all your meals for your family.

We want you to be only spending what you need to and having more time and money to go towards those ‘one day we will…’ things.

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